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restorationRestoration Binding

Books of intrinsic value or volumes of sentimental importance whose bindings have become damaged are restored using archival materials and techniques. Restoration is done using techniques taught at the Istituto per l"Arte e il Restauro, Florence, Italy and the Centro del Bel Libro, Ascona, Switzerland and according to the Code of Ethics and the Code of Practice of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials.

Damaged pages can be repaired, covers restored or replaced, bindings restored to make a fully functional book. Some paper damage (e.g. foxing, extensive damage by active fungus or stains resulting from the inappropriate application of adhesive tape) may require the application of toxic solvents and other treatments beyond the scope of Scribe Bookbinding. In such cases referral may be made to specialist paper conservators.

Damaged paperbacks of continuing value can be given a functional binding at a reasonable cost.

Please use this form to send us details of your restoration project
or email for an appointment to discuss it.

An initial assessment and tratment proposal will be sent, along with a time-frame within which the restoration will be done.
Books for restoration should normally be retained by the owner until the restoration work can commence.