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Books bound to orderBooks bound to order

Individual books or small editions can be bound to order using traditional hand-sewing onto archival-quality materials. Special attention is paid to the customer’s requirements.

Leather bindings in vegetable-tanned kangaroo, goatskin or bookcalf, hand-marbled and custom-printed endpapers are available. These bindings may be either quarter-leather (with leather on the spine only), half-leather (with leather on the spine and either the corners or the foredge), or full leather. The cloth-reinforced endpapers are usually made from papers harmonizing with the paper of the text; coloured or hand-marbled paper to complement the leather may be used. Edges may be coloured or gilt with 23 carat gold leaf.

Although provision is made on this site for a quotation to be sent by email, it is strongly recommended that the final selection of leather and marbled paper be made by personal consultation.

A range of book corners is also available for that very special presentation book. Corners can be made to order from brass or sterling silver; Art Nouveau corners struck from original dies, bosses and corners cast from medieval and renaissance originals can also be added.

Please request a quote using this form. Scribe bookbinding will respond with a quotation and a time-frame within which the work will be done.

Conservation Bindings

Vellum Binding

Books of special value may need to be restored according to modern standards of conservation, using archival quality materials, specially tanned leathers, reversible adhesives and techniques which make possible the ongoing protection of the original and the future non-destructive maintenance of the book. Scribe Bookbinding employs conservation standards taught at the Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro in Florence and the Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland, and follows the Code of Ethics and the Code of Practice of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials

It is sometimes appropriate to bind a book without the use of adhesives or to protect the pages from contact with adhesives. Several techniques are available for such treatments, including vellum bindings onto alum-tawed thongs and reversible bindings with paper coverings.

Please request a quote for Conservation Binding. Scribe bookbinding will respond with a quotation and a time-frame within which the work will be done.

Historical Bindings

DVD Cover

Books can be bound according to historical models, traditional materials and techniques. Medieval bindings of manuscript vellum sewn onto alum-tawed thongs laced into wooden boards have recently been made on commission. Such bindings are suitable for books of particular medieval interest as well as model books demonstrating medieval techniques. A 45 minute DVD of the binding of a medieval manuscript, showing in detail each of the processes involved in a medieval binding, is now available from EVellum This manuscript was commissioned for teaching purposes at the University of Melbourne and bound by Scribe Bookbinding.

Request a quote by emailing, or phoning 03 9347 0039 for an appointment.

It is best to discuss the design of the binding early in the process of book production so that the appropriate selection of paper and design can be integrated into the binding technique.