Asahi is a Japanese cloth of great elegance and many subtle colours

710-24A Asahi Copper 705-6133B Asahi Blue/gold 705-212 1/2B Asahi Pink/gold 545-55 1/2AA Asahi Aqua iridescent 545-51AA Asahi Endive 545-4124A Asahi Butterscotch iridescent 540-66 1/2A Asahi Marine blue 540-57 1/2A Asahi Verde green 540-43A Asahi Butter yellow 2557A Asahi White brocade 2504G Asahi Natural 100% linen 2499B Asahi Linen/blend 2463B Asahi Natural silk 2434C Asahi Logan green 2429D Asahi Burgundy 2426C Asahi Brown umber 2423B Asahi Indigo 2418B Asahi Scarlet 2416B Asahi Platinum 2410B Asahi Ivy green 2408B Asahi Black green raw silk 2406B Asahi Navy blue 2403B Asahi Yellow ochre 2402B Asahi Midnight blue 2379A Asahi Black raw silk 2379 1/2A Asahi Cinnamon iridescent 2393A Asahi Violet iridescent 2397B Asahi Red/Grey iridescent 2398B Asahi Rust 2400B Asahi Sage green 2339A Asahi Black/satin pattern 2361A Asahi Aqua brocade 2362A Asahi Deep purple brocade 2367A Asahi Melon/light blue 2374B Asahi Brown silk 2377A Asahi Taupe 2270AA Asahi Eggplant 2290AA Asahi Green/gold iridescent 2291AA Asahi Purple/gold iridescent 2312AA Asahi Grey crepe 2314AA Asahi Mint crepe 2328A Asahi White/satin checker 2254A Asahi Evergreen mohair 2250A Asahi Black mohair 2176AA Asahi Black crepe 2099B Asahi Claret with gold fibres 1-2410B Asahi Turquoise 0122A CRIMSON 0844A Asahi White moire 0843A Asahi Black moire 0817A Asahi Chartruse 0775B Asahi Gold/red twill 0771B Asahi Gold/turq twill 0884A Asahi Poppy red silk

Made in Italy. This cloth is a medium weight, acid-free bookcloth made of a cotton / linen mixture. It is extremely desirable because of its delicate and attractive texture and its high durability. Canapetta is an ideal substitute for natural finish buckram.

1450 Canapetta Blue 1460 Canapetta Grey 1470 Canapetta Brown 1471 Canapetta Cinnamon 1480 Canapetta Black 1430 Canapetta Green 1421 Canapetta Burgundy 1420 Canapetta Red 1415 Canapetta Tan 1411 Canapetta Natural

Woven rayon cloth backed with a paper backing, extremely elegant.

874  Iris Teal 873  Iris Lapis 856  Iris Celery 857  Iris Confederate 858  Iris Steel 859  Iris Taupe 871  Iris Raspberry 872  Iris Grape 846  Iris Smoke 848  Iris Rust 852  Iris Off White 853  Iris Midnight 854  Iris Seafoam 855  Iris Light Tan 828  Iris Yellow 829  Iris Orange 830  Iris Red 835  Iris Cornflower 838  Iris Chocolate 845  Iris Evergreen 814  Iris Lilac 815   Maroon 817  Iris Coffee 818  Iris Brown 825  Iris Endive 826  Iris Black 812  Iris Olive 807  Iris Periwinkle 806  Iris Burgundy 802  Iris Ochre 801  Iris Slate 800  Iris White